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131003 Block B VERY GOOD Showcase


fanaccountsEven though originally, when tickets for Block B’s showcase went on sale, they sold out in like ten minutes, Bianca and I decided to go to the showcase venue just in case there was anyone with extra tickets who wanted to get rid of them. We did not at all account for rush hour traffic, plus the walk from our stop (one stop past 성신여대) to the venue (고려대 화정체육관). That last probably could have been avoided except that Naver Maps seriously failed me… I should have known better than to believe the dotted line, lol.

The showcase technically started at 6:00pm but we didn’t arrive at the venue until around 6:20. There was pretty much no one outside, understandably, but there were still girls at the ticket box and some staff people wandering around. Now, to be clear, Seven Seasons and yes24 (the concert ticket sales agent) didn’t do a great job of publicizing this, but there were actually tickets available for sale at the venue itself. However, me and Bianca didn’t know this, so we were just kind of sitting around looking dejected… when one of the staff ahjusshis came over and was like, “Go buy a ticket!”

I was like “???? They still have tickets?” and he was like “Yeah!” and brought us over to the ticket sales box, where the girl sold us 2 tickets for ₩1,100 each. Just for those who might not know, that’s like the equivalent of $0.90 American. LIKE LESS THAN A DOLLAR. WE PAID LESS THAN A DOLLAR TO GO TO BLOCK B’S SHOWCASE.

9259cc1c2c3d11e3b2c822000ae800bd_7We made it in and sat down after the first talk portion/introductions had ended, right after they played the music video for Very Good. Our seats were on the second floor but not that far away from the stage, close enough that I could easily tell who was who. Also, I wasn’t 100% sure at the time but I just looked it up and we were definitely seated right behind Zico’s mom. I think we were seated behind all the Block B moms, in fact, because we were right behind a row of middle-aged women who didn’t have any lighsticks or banners or anything and who were watching with super mom-ly smiles. It was cute…!

Right when we came in, they started the interactive/fanmeeting portion of the thing, where they picked names and brought those fans up to play games with. I’m pretty sure I only understood about 75% of what was actually going on but it was fine, because it was interesting to watch anyway! The games were fun but it seemed like BBCs were super jealous of the girls who got to go up because they were all kind of unenthusiastically clapping. But it was fun and I was reminded of exactly how damn sassy all those buttheads are.

I guess the thing is, I’ve loved Block B forever. And they’ve been through so much, most of which was largely out of their control, things that spiraled so quickly and got out of their hands. They’re a bunch of goofballs and they don’t mesh well into the idol scene, that’s for sure, but they’re so painfully genuine and they have such strong ideals that watching them fall victim to situation after situation has been really painful. Being a BBC has been really tough, watching them get beaten down time and time again. Sure, they’re trying to play the game as much as anyone else is but I really think that there are things about Block B that the industry will never be able to sand down to ease their fit. They’re such a group of outcasts, really, kpop’s island of misfit toys—Jiho with his heart condition and how dedicated he is even with the care he has to take of himself; Jaehyo, who was rejected from several auditions before finally becoming a B2ST trainee, before that was taken away too; Yukwon, whose ability to stand on this stage today was entirely due to the unconditional love and support he’s received from his family. They all have hardships that they had to overcome even before they were able to consider being the Block B they are today, so to watch them face even further hardships and be unable to do anything except support them from a distance… that’s been tough.

Now, I’m the first to admit that some of the hardships that Block B have faced, as a group, are at least partially due to the ways in which they don’t quite mesh into the idol world. (In my opinion, even though Kyung’s comment in Thailand was taken far out of context, it was a situation he shouldn’t have been joking about in the first place, and Block B have never been too good at keeping their mouths shut when the situation demands it.) But other than those few specific situations, most of the shit they’ve been through has been shit other people have forced upon them. There have been so many uncertainties, too, and so many times that we weren’t sure that Block B would ever come back, especially for the last year, that being there tonight and watching them fill that stage with their presence was actually kind of overwhelming.

About an hour after we’d arrived, Kyung announced that they would be performing their last song. Jiho introduced it and said it was “Be the Light,” which is, of course, their thank-you to the fans who waited for a year for them to come back. That was emotional enough, but what Block B didn’t know when the lights went down was that BBC had prepared something for them—a video full of handwritten support notes by BBCs, saying things like “we miss you,” “we love you,” “I hope to see you soon,” etc. At the end, the message was, “BBC will always be behind you, supporting you.” and when the lights came up on the audience, all the BBC were holding up paper banners that said “WE MISSED YOU.”

That was pretty much when I lost it, and that was about when Kyung and Yukwon lost it, too. The other members managed to keep it together, but those two cried so hard they could barely explain themselves. We all started chanting “Don’t cry!” and Jiho was eventually like, “Ehh, what’s this!” There was a pause while they tried to collect themselves, and then Jiho was like, “We’re really thankful to all of you. We’re trying to give back to you but you just keep giving… We’re trying to pay you back but you keep giving. I missed you too.” (LIKE THAT’S GONNA HELP US STOP CRYING, JIHO?) They all commented a little, mostly about how they had no idea what was happening, and then Yukwon kind of looked out into the audience and said to the PD, into his mic, “Please turn the lights up on the second floor, I can’t see them up there.” HE’S PERFECT I GUESS.

After that they did perform Be the Light, and the choreography is amazing?! Everything was amazing. Of course, when they finished everyone started chanting for an encore, which they gave. They performed No Joke, Good Day and of course, Nalina, and that was the actual end of the showcase. All the BBCs just seemed so overwhelmed lmfao.

Afterwards Bianca and I walked back to 성신여대 because we needed to process our feelings and Bianca had to pee, and then we caught a taxi back to Hongdae and came home.

All in all, it was pretty much the best 2 miles I’ve ever walked and the best ₩1,100 I ever spent.


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