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130916 Boy Who Cried Wolf


fanaccountsNew trip to Korea, new adventure, right? Today I went with Kat, Shelbi, and my friend Becca to BOY WHO CRIED WOLF, the EXO (semi-)popup store in Sinsa-dong. A bunch of my friends had gone before and talked about how cool it was, how good the food was, etc. so I guess I was almost expecting disappointment? Like when something has been talked up so much, it’s almost inevitably not as cool as you’re expecting it to be?

Actually, BWCW was not at all what I was expecting, but it was definitely not disappointing. If anything, it actually exceeded my expectations. It’s set in a strange little corner off in Sinsa-dong, occupying space that was once a bakery (they left their wifi behind as a legacy, woo!), and from the outside it actually doesn’t really look like much, which I think is kind of the beauty of it.

IMG_2522Inside, when you first walk in, you’re immediately in a shop-area, behind which is the counter where you can order food. It’s a little on the expensive side (₩8,800 for the EXO burger set, burger + cola, which is about USD $8), but not too bad, and the food is actually really good. Unlike many burgers in Korea, the EXO set burger came with real lettuce and real tomato on it, and real cheese instead of the processed American kind. It also came with a pickle and some squash salad thing on the side, but I didn’t really like the squash thing too much to be honest… I think I’m just not a squash person though, I don’t like pumpkin pie either.

IMG_2503Anyway, the eating area is pretty small but it’s full of cute stuff, like the places where EXO members signed the walls and drew on their portraits from the XOXO album. They had Polaroids on the walls and some other cool signage going on as well. It was fun to read the messages the members had written on their own portraits and under others’ portraits too.

SM Entertainment has had a lot of marketing schemes over the years, but I honestly think BOY WHO CRIED WOLF is easily one of the best. Everything about it is well-planned and interesting. The layout is a little funky, but in a charming way; the food is, like I said, actually really good; the clothes have a wide range both in style and price, so pretty much any fan could find something in their price range. They carry items from the SMTOWN popup stores too, so if you didn’t have a chance to get your EXO goods there, you could do so at BWCW. Even from a purely aesthetic perspective, the branding and marketing for BWCW is impressive. It’s a distinct logo, but a subtle enough one that you could get away with wearing it and not immediately identify yourself as a kpop fan (…well, okay, probably not in Korea where literally everyone knows who EXO is these days).

I know I sound kind of like I’m gushing, but I was actually seriously impressed by it. I didn’t buy anything outside the food, but Kat and I did play ping-pong on a table that EXO had signed. (Lu Han wrote a note that says “My dream is to be ping-pong king.” How’s that going for you so far, buddy?)

We’ll probably go back again soon, and maybe this time I will pick up some items. If nothing else, I at least want the BWCW logo shirt, since they’re inexpensive but pretty classy, all things considered.

Anyway, here are a few more photos from BWCW, and I’m going to go watch some dramas. As usual, click everything to embiggen it.





IMG_2519(It says “Are you reading this? kekeke”)

IMG_2524(The motto of BWCW is “Men Believe Not Lyghtly Hym Whiche Is Knowen For A Lyer,” which is actually the closing line of William Caxton’s 1484 English translation of the story of the boy who cried wolf. #englishmajor)

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