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120602 Music Core & MIB fanmeeting


WOW all right. So today was hugely better than expected for reasons I’ll outline below, but primarily because 1) MIB prerecording, 2) MIB fanmeeting, and 3) the general existence of MIB’s comeback aslkfhd;kjhfglj.

music core

A proof shot ft. me and Natalee. Yes, I am wearing my MIB towel slogan on my head, don’t judge me 😐

This fanaccount now comes in two parts! …Below the cut.

fanaccountsPRERECORDING: First of all, we lined up around 12:00 to go to prerecording for MIB. Actually, Natalee (chanyuck) and I arrived at 9:15 but there was no one else there so we just hung out in the cafe for a while and watched the madness that was Angel (Teen Top’s fanclub), Inspirit and BANA. Also Sones for TaeTiSeo but they went in pretty quickly and were actually relatively organized… but I digress.

Heesun unnie showed up a little after 12:00, but by then we’d already sort of informally lined up in the shade and organized ourselves into a little cluster. I think there were only around 30 Busterz who went, but that was still a pretty impressive number! (And 36 signed up on the fancafe, so that was almost everyone!) We made a friend in the line as well, her name is Ssi-ah (씨아) or possible Seureung (μŠ€λ¦‰)–I can’t really tell because she initially introduced herself to us as Ssi-ah but her Twitter says Seureung… oh well.

(BTW: I don’t want to say much about this because I might jinx it, but I’m pretty sure I’m becoming MIB fanstaff. We’ll see.)

We went in with G.NA’s fans and MYNAME’s fans, but MIB pre-recorded first. It was so much fun! They’re so charismatic but also somehow derpy onstage, and they really love their fans–all of them were interacting with fans like nuts, including a few moments outlined below. These all happened with me, Karmie and Thea.

#1: That awkward moment when Thea shouted “γ‚„γ£γ‘γ‚ƒγ‚“γ€γŒγ‚“γ°γ£γ¦!” into the relative quiet (meaning basically “Do well, Yacchan~” since Kangnam is half Japanese and his real name is Namekawa Yasuo), and he hears and gives a big enthusiastic peace sign back.

#2: In the silence while they were preparing to roll the cameras, Karmie and I kept whispering “γŒγ‚“γ°γ£γ¦!” kind of loudly… We didn’t think that any of them could hear us, but Kangnam looked over at us and was clearly trying not to smile, but then when I started laughing & got embarrassed, he finally smiled for real. Oops~!

#2.5: Afterwards he kept singing his lines towards us…

#3: Thea made a fansign that said “MIBκ°€ 있으면 돼” (which means “if it’s MIB then it’s possible,” and is a play on a line from their song that goes “λ‚œ λ„ˆλ§Œ 있으면 돼” meaning “it’s possible even if I only have you”), which I held since I was standing right against the railing. 5zic looked out into the audience between takes and I could see him trying to read my sign, so I called out, “It says MIBκ°€ 있으면 돼!” He laughed and went “YEAH!” into the microphone, OTL.

They did one camera take, two full takes and a few false starts–the false starts being because they had to go be wiped down because they’re all sweaty motherfuckers. LMFAO I LOVE MIB. And then they were done! Afterwards the Busterz moved to the back of the standing area so G.NA’s and MYNAME’s fans could move forward and cheer. I watched G.NA’s stage (so sexual!) but I didn’t watch much of MYNAME’s because I was really hot and tired and just sat down on the floor instead.

Then afterwards, we all left the MBC Dream Center to go to the park across the street, for the…

FANMEETING: We all sat out in this kind of… almost like a gazebo? That kind of area. There were only like 20 of us at this point so it was pretty easy to fit everyone into a small space–and I really appreciate the small number of people for reasons I’ll explain below!

We only waited for about 10 minutes before MIB came out… They pretty much just strolled through the park and walked up to us, lmfao. I like how laid-back it was, but it was also kind of sad because that just shows how little-known they are… Ah, well. They came over and introduced themselves a bit, and just kind of hung out and chatted with fans–a very low-key fanmeeting to be honest! I know 5zic and Kangnam recognized us from the audience since we’d been in the very front, but I don’t think Sims and Cream did.

Anyway, since there were so few people, they decided to do a sign event! There were a few of us who had the album on us, and they’d handed out towel slogans earlier to the people waiting, so everyone had something to sign. They busted out the pens and went to work!

Natalee and I were among the first in line since the album-owners had lined up at the beginning. The order was like this:

5zic: He was really awesome! Spoke a little English to me, haha. His English is really good but I think he was kind of surprised by having a foreigner so early on in the line… or at all, really. Actually, Heesun unnie introduced me to him at the beginning, and he asked what my name was and I said “Miri,” which is my Korean name (배미리). 5zic was like, “How do you spell that?” I was like dude it’s a Korean name it’s two syllables how do you not know… but he got it afterwards, and he wrote “To: 미리, Thank U! I love you!” on the front of the album.

Kangnam: Ugh μ§„μ§œ 생각보닀 잘 μƒκ²Όμ–΄μš” γ… γ…  He’s gorgeous like I was astounded actually. I greeted him in Korean and he replied in Korean, but I really wanted to speak English to him… well, I did later, but that’s later!! He signed my album with his name and a smiley face, and thanked me for coming. I told him, “γŠη–²γ‚Œζ§˜γ§γ—γŸ~” (“You did really well!”) but really quietly because I’m super unconfident in my Japanese, and he smiled huge, said “γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†~” (“Thank you~”) and gave me a fistpump back! Cute. Natalee and I also made a point of telling him not to cut his hair anymore, because it looks really good long, and he smiled and was like “Okay!”

Cream: Super quiet, didn’t seem to know what to do about a foreigner being in line with him. He did say “Hi! Nice to meet you~” though, which was really nice (but also obviously a standard English phrase that he’d learned, haha). His pen was pretty thin and didn’t write well, so he had to go over his autograph a couple of times… I told him it was fine and he just made a face like >:| and handed the album back, lmfao. He’s adorable but I think he’s a little bit shy. When Natalee was getting her album signed she remembered that she had a better pen in her backpack, so while she ran to go get it I was like, “잠–μž μ‹œλ§Œμš”–그림씨…” (“Wa–wait a second– Cream-ssi…”) and didn’t realize until afterwards that I called him 씨… I don’t know if that was weird or not, haha.

Sims: He was so smiley!! UGH I JUST LOVE GIANT MAGNAES OK. He had the same pen issue as Cream did, but he just went over it a couple of times and was really cheerful and cute about it. He signed Natalee’s CD as “SIMS, FRESH DOG” but he just signed mine as “SIMS” lmfao. He was really quiet as well, but I think it’s because of the group, he speaks the least English so he didn’t really know what to do with us white people.

Afterwards the members kind of got up and wandered around, and fans asked them to take pictures together! I got photos with 5zic and Kangnam, but not with Cream or Sims. Next time for sure!

Right before taking this photo, we were talking about Kangnam’s jacket (which was really cool–it’s the jacket he’s wearing in the MV, at the beginning when they’re walking on the train tracks), and as though he had a sixth sense for gossip, he walked right over to us to say hi. So I told him that his jacket was awesome and he was like “RIGHT? :D”

mib kangnam

LMFAO JESUS THIS PHOTO IS SO RIDICULOUS. κ°•λ‚¨μ˜€λΉ κ°€ λ‚˜λ³΄λ‹€ 예쁜 것 κ°™μ•„μš” γ…‹γ…‹ A cute thing happened–a fan handed Kangnam her phone and was like, “Okay you take a selca by yourself!” He was like, “WHAT BY MYSELF :( BUT THAT’S AWKWARD….” and kind of shuffled around before finally pouting and doing it. LMFAO HE’S ADORABLE.

mib 5zic

5zic is really sweet–their manager was kind of hurrying them along because they had to get back to MBC Dream Center for the live broadcast of Music Core, but he kept being like “OKAY THIS IS THE LAST ONE” and taking more selcas with fans. Mine was actually the last one he took before their manager pretty much bodily hauled him away from us, haha.

5zic’s English is so good! We told him we like his tattoo and he was like “OH THANK YOU :D” and then he talked with us a little in English while we were taking photos with him. I wanted to ask him how LA was but I forgot, haha. Whoops.

They went back to the Dream Center after that and the rest of the fans dispersed–we didn’t even try for live show tickets because there were so few of us and Heesun unnie knew that only about 10 people would get in.

Here’s my album:

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